And so we start to reduce our blunders.

Hi, we’re Mr. & Mrs. Blunders. Mid 30’s married couple with 3 children. Well educated, healthy and still have the feeling that we go from one blunder to the next one.

Over the years, we’ve learned that all of us make blunders. We started this blog hoping that it will help us reduce our blunders and maybe even reduce some of the blunders of others.

As we get started, do let us know which blunders you’re worried about and let’s try to reduce them.

We’ll be talking about our blunders across a number of categories:

  • Growing up – Even though we’re adults, we keep on making blunders!
  • Parenting – 3 young children provide plenty of blunders (like leaving permanent markers close to white walls!)
  • Financial – If we knew then what we know now, would you have done something different?
  • Cooking – A big hobby of ours, but things do go wrong!
  • Clumsiness – All of us have clumsy moments, can we do anything to reduce them?
  • And probably many more to come….

Happy reading

Mr. & Mrs. Blunders