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January 2018 dividend growth- Path to FIRE

“Seeing growth and improvements stimulates further growth and improvement, especially when seeing the impact of the January 2018 dividend growth!”

Today we are going to try something new to show our January 2018 dividend growth and we would appreciate your feedback if it provides you additional information. You might remember the financial baseline posting that we made in 2017, Introduction to Financial baseline ,providing an overview where we finished the year with regards to our dividend payouts.

There is a visualisation tool, that is often used in the oil and energy industry, called the Sankey chart. To find out more about the Sankey chart, please follow the link to the Wikipedia page: Wikipedia Sankey Diagram .

Below you’ll find a visualisation of the January 2018 dividend growth income that was generated. We used a website, Sankeymatic that creates a Sankey Diagram based on your input. We’re sure that you’ll find many uses for it. Our diagram shows what the dividend baseline was in January 2017 and how we’ve grown the dividend payout since then.

Your Diagram Title2018 January Total → 2018: 249.942018 → GAW: 151.14BNS → 2017: 74.662018 → O: 46.55DRG.UN → 2017: 25.92018 → DRG.UN: 25.852018 → DIS: 21.48O → 2017: 16.292018 → VHYL: 3.382018 → BNS: 1.542018 January Total: 249.942018 January Total2018: 249.942018GAW: 151.14GAWBNS: 74.66BNS2017: 116.852017O: 46.55ODRG.UN: 25.9DRG.UNVHYL: 3.38VHYLDIS: 21.48DIS

As you can see, year-on-year we experienced a 220% growth, hope we can keep it going!

There were some changes between 2017 and 2018. Let me walk you through them.

Shares already owned in 2017

Games Workshop (GAW)

In 2018 there was a dividend payment in January, which did not occur in 2017. That explains why there is such a big difference, even though we had almost the same amount of shares (415 in 2017 vs 450 in 2018). As Games Workshop has an inconsistent dividend payout scheme, I’m curious to see what will happen in 2019.

Bank of Novia Scotia (BNS)

A very consistent dividend payout schedule, thankfully the amount of dividend increased (CAD 0.74 in 2017 vs CAD 0.79 in 2018). I sold some of the shares and therefore the total dividend payout is less. I might buy some more in the future.

Realty Income (O)

The monthly dividend paying company, a US based REIT. They have consistently increased their dividend payout, including this time ($0.21 in 2017 vs $0.22 in 2018) and I have increased the amount of shares I own (90 in 2017 vs 260 in 2018). Definitely a keeper so far.

Dream Global REIT (DRG.UN)

Another REIT, this time based in Canada and active globally. Their dividend payout has remained consistent for a very long time (CAD 0.06777), although the amount of shares we own has increased (500 in 2017 vs 570 in 2018). They were bought using the dividend that DRG.UN and BNS has provided, which shows the effect of compounded growth.

Vanguard FTSE ALL-World High Dividend (VHYL)

To ensure that we capture a broad range of companies with high paying dividends, we invested in the Vanguard high-dividend ETF. The number of shares are lower than compared in 2017  (200 in 2017 vs 12 in 2018), but we will increase our investment in these shares during the year.


Shares newly owned in 2018

For the January 2018 payout, there were also a couple of new shares that have been added to our portfolio.

Disney (DIS)

Our boys love Disney and we decided to invest in the company, not just because of their interest, but also because of their strong financials. We have 30 shares, paying a $ 0.84 dividend.

Total January 2018: €249.28 vs €113.55 January 2017

Not a bad improvement in a year. We’re expecting the other months in 2018 to show an even higher increase if our January 2018 dividend growth is anything to go by. There are some fluctuations in numbers due to exchange rate calculations, nevertheless it shows that we are on the right path and enjoying the benefits if compounded investing.

Do let me know in the comments if you like how the dividends are displayed. Looking forward to hear how your January was.