“It’s never to late to rectify our financial blunders. How are we doing?”

Net worth update June 2018

Sometimes we, family blunders, sit down and are grateful for all the fortunate aspects of our lives. We have 3 wonderful boy toddlers, who are healthy, energetic and curious. Mr. and Mrs. Blunders are healthy and have very loving parents and siblings that we are regularly in close contact with. Both of us have academic degree and have been working since we were teenagers, even during university.
Looking at our net worth update, we acknowledge our fortunate situation. Nevertheless there is always the wonder, what if we had made less blunders? What if we had not just academically educated ourselves, but also financially?
As we expand our financial intelligence, we are hoping that this will be reflected in our net worth update.

Here is our net worth update, which we will try to update every half year.

Status as of June 2018:


We do not have any debts or mortgage, which is a big plus. Renting is what fits our expat lifestyle best and the deposit that we have to pay, usually a couple months of rent we consider as a saving. Over the years and across the globe, we have not lost a single deposit yet.

Our cash has remained pretty stable as rent has declined tremendously. Inflation significantly outpaces interest that we receive on any cash. It’s strange to think that when we were children (1980’s) interest was at >7,5% levels. If only had saved some more money then.

We explored investing back in 2010 and didn’t really stick with it, a very big blunder as described in a separate post. Slowly our curiosity led us to educating ourselves more, which led to discovering a wealth of knowledge and information that had not been tapped into before (See this post for which sources we tapped into). Since then we made a conscious choice to reduce our expenses and focus on wealth building. Still making blunders, hopefully a lot less this time though.

At the end of the year we share our investment status and go into a bit more depth what our thoughts our. Below is an extract of our 2017 end of year net worth update overview.


Shares Ticker Units Curency
Vanguard FTSE All-World LSS:VWRL 50 $
Vanguard FTSE All-World High Div LSS:VHYL 200 $
Realty Income XNYS:O 90 $
Hasbro NYX:HAS 14 $
Microsoft NYX:MSFT 15 $
GoDaddy NYX:GDDY 150 $
Equiniti Group LSS:EQN 6071 £
Games Workshop LSS:GAW 415 £
Shs Britvic LSS:BVIC 1000 £
Royal Dutch Shell ENX:RDSA 633
Unilever Cert ENX:UNA 81
Smurfit Kappa IRX:SK3 125
Abertis SIBE:ABE 350
Bank of Novia Scotia TMX:BNS 150 CAD
Dream Global REIT TOR:DRG.UN 500 CAD
Roche SWL:ROG 155 CHF

There have been some changes since then, both additions and reductions. Our monthly dividend growth posts reflect those changes.

No experiments yet with alternative methods of investing and saving, such as microlending and bonds. As interest rates increase, it might be something to explore more.

Our target net worth currently is €2 million, of which we have achieved 12.5%. Looking forward to where we land with our end of 2018 net worth update.